ISBN 9788125902928,Environmental Management

Environmental Management


G N Pandey



Vikas Publishing House

Publication Year 1997

ISBN 9788125902928

ISBN-10 8125902929


Number of Pages 408 Pages
Language (English)


Pollution has become a world-wide phenomenon and so has become concern for its control. Advancements in science and technology have accelerated the pace of industrialization. Not to speak of the developed, industrialized countries, even the developing countries have made rapid progress in the industrial filed. The process of industrialization is not only bound to continue but may also become faster for, the standard and quality of life of people have to be raised. However, industrialization leads to pollution. Noise, exhaust fumes, wastes of different kinds adversely affect the environment; air, and water become polluted and people face health hazards of many kinds. Thus, industrialization and pollution go hand in hand. There is growing awareness of the implications of this predicament. Since industrialization is the basis of development, it can not be given up. Hands of the clock can not be turned back. The only option left is to control and manage pollution.
The compulsions of the scenario mentioned above have awakened administrators, engineers, technocrats, governments and international organizations for taking immediate and effective steps to curb the monster of pollution. Educational institutions included in their curricula various aspects of pollution (its nature and dimensions, health hazards it has created, and measures of controlling and managing it, etc.). It is in this context that the relevance and utility of this book, 'Environmental Management' has to be understood and appreciated. This book contains a core course in Environment Management. It will be very useful to students in Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Biochemical and other disciplines of Engineering and Technology.