ISBN 9788183482653,Everyday Vocabulary More Than 6100 Words

Everyday Vocabulary More Than 6100 Words


Kumkum Gupta



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788183482653

ISBN-10 8183482651


Number of Pages 204 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

Table of Contents Everyday Vocabulary English Alphabet and Ordinals Numerals Words used in Daily Routine Name of Parts of the Body Name of Relations Name of Ornaments and Jewels Name of Animals Name of Birds Name of Some Reptiles, Water living Creatures Worms and Insects Domestic Articles Homes and Abodes Name of Musical Instruments Name of Minerals Name of Professions and Occupations Name of Important Tools Terminology of War-Fare Name of Flowers Vegetables Dry Fruits and Fruits Trees and Plants Name of Parts of Trees and Plants Name of Cereals/Grains Name of some Eatables and Potables Name of Spices and Grocery Items Conditions of Bodies and Diseases Name of Building Parts and Some Buildings Young ones of Animals and Birds Cries of Creatures Cries of Birds, Animals and Insects Clothes, Dresses, Wearing Apparels Stationary Items and Office Requirements Human Beings at Different Ages Terms used in Sports and Games Name of Directions Planets in Solar System Units Roman Numerals Name of Seasons Name of Months Name of Days Time Measure Name of Colours Name of Medical Sciences and Medicines Terms used in Railways Terms used in Banks Terms used in Post and Telegraph Department Police Department Terms used in Hospitals Terms used in Schools and Colleges Name of Various Subjects Name of Important Dates Constitution Related Words Pronunciation Pronunciation of Vowels Silent Letters in Words How to write a Name