ISBN 9780130129383,Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education

Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education




William L. Heward



William L. Heward

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9780130129383

ISBN-10 0130129380


Edition 6th
Number of Pages 735 Pages
Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education is a comprehensive, engaging text for professional research, current practice, and trends in special education. This best-selling book effectively conveys the stories of teachers and children in special education. This latest edition captures the spirit of previous editions but with the necessary updates future teachers will need in the dynamic filed of special education. Emphasizes a developmental perspective. Covers families, early intervention, transition, parent-teacher partnerships, interaction between families and schools, 1997 amendments to IDEA, and more. For readers with an interest in an introduction to special education, exceptionalities or mainstreaming.
About the Author
WILLIAM LEE HEWARD grew up in Three Oaks, Michigan, watching his hero Ernie Banks and the Chicago Cubs. He majored in psychology and sociology as an undergraduate at Western Michigan University, earned his doctorate in special education at the University of Massachusetts, and has been a member of the special education faculty at The Ohio State University since 1975. In 1985, Bill received Ohio State's highest honor for teaching excellence, the Alumni Association's Distinguished Teaching Award. He has had several opportunities to teach and lecture abroad, most recently in 1993 when he served as a Visiting Professor of Psychology at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan.

Bill's current research interests focus on "low tech" methods classroom teachers can use to increase the frequency with which each student actively responds and participates during group instruction and on methods for promoting the generalization and maintenance of newly learned skills. His research has appeared in many of the field's leading journals, including Behavioral Disorders, Education and Training in Mental Retardation and Developmental Disability Quarterly, Research in Developmental Disabilities, Teacher Education and Special Education, and Teaching Exceptional Children.

Bill has co-authored five other textbooks, including Applied Behavior Analysis (Merrill/Prentice Hall, 1987). He has also written for the popular market. His book Some Are Called Clowns (Crowell, 1974) chronicled his five summers as a pitcher for the Indianapolis Clowns, the last of the barnstorming baseball teams.