ISBN 9788176569330,Exploring Programmable Logic-controllers with Applications

Exploring Programmable Logic-controllers with Applications




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BPB Publications

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788176569330

ISBN-10 817656933X


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Programmable logic controllers are used in Industries from last twenty-five years.This is a very flexible controlling device,can be used in every type of industries for the automation. An era was started after the invention of microprocessors;to design and develop microprocessor based systems for automation of the machines.Similar is the case of PLC,when it was discovered in an automobile industry.PLC which has a fixed hardware,manufactured by the several manufacture worldwide, can be in-corporate in any mechanical and electrical and electrical system by writing suitable programs(software) ,as per the need of the user of machine or system.In this context,various manufacture designed various type of hardware and programming languages(which are approved by the IEC) and float this microprocessors based unique device with the name of the programmable logic controller.andandandTable of Contents1.andandandandandandIntroduction to programmable logic controller2.andandandandandandSwitching functions and logic Gates3.andandandandandandArchitecture and operation of PLC4.andandandandandandProgramming methodology5.andandandandandandLadder Diagram Programming of PLC6.andandandandandandTransducers and its use in PLC7.andandandandandandApplicationandExamples8.andandandandandandInput and Output Components and DevicesandAppendixesA:List of International PLC manufacturersB:Ansuman PLC LaddersC: Registers used in Ansuman PLCD:Circuit SymbolsE:Specifications of Ansuman PLC-XPO TrainerF:Specifications of Ansuman PLC-XPO Trainer – IIG:Specifications and details of Allen Bredley PLC-Micro &miniH:Specifications anddetails of Allen Bredley PLC-Large SizeI:Specifications of Allen Bredley PLC-CPUJ:Specifications and details of Simens PLCsK:Specifications and details of Festo PLCSL:Number System