ISBN 9788132109716,Financial Engineering for Low-Income Households

Financial Engineering for Low-Income Households


Bindu Ananth



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788132109716

ISBN-10 8132109716

Hard Back

Number of Pages 250 Pages
Language (English)


Financial Engineering for Low-Income Households is an edited compilation of articles that focus on using financial engineering a multidisciplinary field that uses technical methods from the fields of finance, mathematics and economics to design financial services for low-income households. The book aims to provide an understanding of the various risk-reward trade-offs facing low-income households and how principles of financial engineering can be best applied to understand and manage the complete suite of financial and non-financial assets, including human capital, insurance, annuities and loans. This compilation connects the fundamental concepts in finance and financial engineering with the relatively new field of financial services delivery to low-income households. Its applied nature will help the reader grasp the implications of theoretical principles in finance on practical product-design considerations. It has several illustrations, caselets, and exercises to facilitate learning and in order to develop a full understanding of the underlying concepts. The book will be a valuable tool for students and practitioners interested in the design and delivery of financial services to low-income households. Table of Contents Foreword Preface I: INTRODUCTION Universalizing Complete Access to Finance: Key Conceptual Issues II: BUILDING BLOCKS OF FINANCIAL ENGINEERING Probability Distributions Preference Theory Asset Allocation, Portfolio Choice, and Capital Asset Pricing Model Basics of Credit Risk III: APPLICATIONS OF FINANCIAL ENGINEERING Human Capital Life and Personal Accident Insurance Health Risk and Financing Longevity Risk Livestock Risk and Insurance Rainfall Risk and Insurance Lending to Low-Income Households and Enterprises Commodity Price Risk and Financing CASE STUDY Comprehensive Financial Plan for Jaya's Household Appendices