ISBN 9789385152023,Finding the Demon's Fiddle : On the Trail of the Ravanhattha

Finding the Demon's Fiddle : On the Trail of the Ravanhattha



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789385152023

ISBN-10 9385152025


Number of Pages 618 Pages
Language (English)

Essays & Travelogues

A European arrives in India and comes upon an ancient mythical instrument. This instrument, the Ravanhattha, is not only the earliest ancestor of the western violin, but was also, according to the early versions of the Ramayana, invented by the Great Demon King, Ravana.

Who exactly was Ravana? Was he just the vengeful abductor of Sita and the sworn enemy of Lord Ram? Or was he the wise and compassionate ruler of Lanka? Could Ravana be responsible for the birth of Zen Buddhism in Japan? How did Ravana contribute to the invention of Chinese Kung Fu? As the author's fascination for the Ravanhattha and his growing obsession with the Demon King himself take over, he is drawn into a world of desert musician-priests, obscure traditions and vibrant characters. This intimate and often humorous account of Patrick Jered's visit to India and Sri Lanka, reads like an engaging page-turner of a novel. The author skilfully interweaves a personal travel narrative with the history, scripture and arcane religions surrounding the Ravanhattha, drawing together several tales that all eventually reach their own surprising conclusions.

About the Author

Patrick Jered was born in the UK but has lived for more than half of his life in The Netherlands. He has a fascination for world music and writes about music and unusual musical instruments for specialist websites and magazines. Patrick once harbored dreams of being a musician himself, but now confines himself to admiring the greater expertise of others. However his 2007 CD, Tykhana, did pick up a few good reviews around the world. Finding the Demon's fiddle is his first full length book. He is currently working on a collection of short travel stories.