ISBN 9788183334563,Flash Professional CS5 Training Guide

Flash Professional CS5 Training Guide


S Jain


BPB Publications



BPB Publications


ISBN 9788183334563

ISBN-10 8183334563


Number of Pages 276 Pages
Language (English)

This book is a step-by-step manual for learning a very versatile and useful animation package namely Flash Professional CS5.

  • Chapter 1 begins with the basics of Flash Professional CS5 Interface. It also includes New Features of Flash CS5.

  • Chapter 2 explains all the Flash Drawing and Selection tools for creating and manipulating graphics.

  • Chapter 3 enables you to create Symbols and Instances. It explains how you can save time and reduce your file size using symbols. It also includes the creative possibilities of filter and blend modes as well as position objects in 3D space.

  • Chapter 4 deals with all the information about frame-by-frame and tween animation. It also explains how to create mask and guide layers.

  • Chapter 5 enables you how to add interactive power in Flash using button symbols. It describes how to add sound effects to buttons and create animated buttons.

  • Chapter 6 covers basic font management issues. It provides strategies for handling fonts in project as well as in published movies.

  • Chapter 7 explains how to attach media files in Flash projects to make them more interactive.

  • Chapter 8 introduced you how to load external SWF file and control Flash contents.

  • Chapter 9 discusses to test and publish Flash files.


  • Detailed explanation of basic workspace and panels of Flash Professional CS5.

  • Complete guide for learning this animation & creative package.

  • Step-by-Step description of different tools.

  • Provides a comprehensive authoring environment for creating digital animation and also creating interactive Web sites.

Table Of Contents

  • 1 Getting Started with Flash Professional CS5

  • 2 Working with Graphics

  • 3 Working with Symbols and Instances

  • 4 Adding Animation and Special Effects

  • 5 Creating Interactive Navigation

  • 6 Working with Text

  • 7 Adding Media Files with Flash

  • 8 Loading and Controlling Flash Contents

  • 9 Publishing Flash Documents on the Web