ISBN 9780071333122,Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780071333122

ISBN-10 0071333126


Edition 7th
Number of Pages 896 Pages
Language (English)

Science fiction

The book provides a well-balanced coverage of physical concepts, mathematical operations and practical demonstrations within the scope of Fluid Mechanics. The text provides a highly intuitive and practical understanding of the topics by excellent progression from physical concepts to engineering applications. The concepts have been presented in an unambiguous, precise and to the point manner. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Pressure Distribution in a Fluid 3. Integral Relations for a Control Volume 4. Differential Relation for Fluid Flow 5. Dimensional Analysis and Similarity 6. Viscous Flow in Ducts 7. Flow Past Immersed Bodies 8. Potential Flow and Computational Fluid Dynamics 9. Compressible Flow 10. Open-Channel Flow 11. Turbomachnery Appendix A Physical Properties of Fluids Appendix B Compressible Flow Tables Appendix C Conversion Factors Appendix D Equations of Motion in Cylindrical Coordinates Answers to Selected Problems Index