ISBN 9780071332637,Foundations Of Financial Management

Foundations Of Financial Management



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780071332637

ISBN-10 0071332634


Edition 13th
Number of Pages 744 Pages
Language (English)


Foundation of Financial Management brings the real-world into the classroom through features such as chapter opening vignettes, Finance in Action (boxed readings), and News Makers Boxes. The easy to read style of this book allows students to focus on the important topics in corporate finance, such as the impact of technology and the ramifications of recent financial headlines. Salient Features Changes in capital markets. Chapter 1 looks at the major stock exchanges going public and the mergers that are taking place between the exchanges. The impact of technology. Examples of how Hewlett-Packard, Wal-Mart, General Motors and other firms use advanced technology (including the Internet) to manage working capital. Also reflect the effect of Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs) and advanced technology on the way the financial markets operate in the U.S. The ramifications of recent financial headlines. The collapse of the sub prime lending market is covered in chapter 8, which discusses the reasons and consequences of the downfall. Chapter 15 considers potential regulatory changes in investment banking necessitated by the demise of Bears Sterns TABLE OF CONTENTS Part I Introduction 1 The Goals and Functions of Financial Management Part II Financial Analysis and Planning 2 Review of Accounting 3 Financial Analysis 4 Financial Forecasting 5 Operating and Financial Leverage Part III Working Capital Management 6 Working Capital and the Financing Decision 7 Current Asset Management 8 Sources of Short-Term Financing Part IV The Capital Budgeting Process 9 The Time Value of Money 10 Valuation and Rates of Return 11 Cost of Capital 12 The Capital Budgeting Decision 13 Risk and Capital Budgeting Part V Long-Term Financing 14 Capital Markets 15 Investment Banking: Public and Private Placement 16 Long-Term Debt and Lease Financing 17 Common and Preferred Stock Financing 18 Dividend Policy and Retained Earnings 19 Convertibles, Warrants, and Derivatives Part VI Expanding the Perspective of Corporate Finance 21 External Growth through Mergers 21 International Financial Management Appendixes Glossary