ISBN 9788131722473,Four Secrets To Liking Your Work : You May Not Need To Quit To Get The Job You Want

Four Secrets To Liking Your Work : You May Not Need To Quit To Get The Job You Want



Pearson Education Singapore Pvt Ltd.

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788131722473

ISBN-10 8131722473


Number of Pages 176 Pages
Language (English)


How far could you go if you truly loved your job? How much money could you make? How much could you learn? What could you contribute to the world, your family, yourself? Imagine living and working like this for a lifetime... now, make it happen, with Four Secrets to Liking Your Work! This book is not a "stop-whining-fast" program: it's about what you can do to improve your worklife, one day at a time, starting right now. Based on the latest research, it brings together state-of-the-art tools, hands-on exercises, and insights everyone can use - whatever your situation, skills, workplace, or goals. You'll begin by discovering a radically new outlook on your job: one that helps you respond to your current situation far more productively. Next, understand hidden differences in differences in focus and approach that shape your behavior - and learn how to achieve better outcomes with far less stress. Clarify what really motivates you and your colleagues: then, use that knowledge to improve your interactions, increase your influence, and align your work with what you care about most. Learn how to "balance" your tasks, so you consistently get the positive feedback you need to move forward. Identify specific skills that can impact your effectiveness most powerfully, and master them as rapidly as possible. Finally, bring together everything you've learned, gaining a broader perspective that helps you systematically uncover obstacles to worklife satisfaction - and overcome them! For Sale in Indian subcontinent only Features Love your work! A practical, proven, start-to-finish approach to transforming your work life! Tools, techniques and strategies for improving your work life, one step at a time. Hands-on exercises to help you clarify what's working, what isn't, what you really want, and how you can get it. For everyone who wants to be happier at work! Contents Chapter 1: The Trouble with Work Chapter 2: How People Act Chapter 3: Watching the Action Chapter 4: Why People Act Chapter 5: Figuring Out Why Chapter 6: What People Do Chapter 7: Do What You Like Chapter 8: Got Skills? Chapter 9: A Bird?s Eye View Appendix Notes Index