ISBN 9789382688266,FST 01 Foundation Course In Science & Technology

FST 01 Foundation Course In Science & Technology



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789382688266

ISBN-10 9382688269


Number of Pages 246 Pages
Language (English)


FST 1 Foundation Course In Science & Technology CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 History of Science Unit1 Science as a Human Endeavour Unit2 Science in the Ancient World Unit3 Iron Age Unit4 The Golden age of Science in India Block 2 Emergence of Modern Science Unit5 Science in the Medieval times Unit6 Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution and After Unit7 Science in Colonial and Modern India Unit8 The Method of Science and the Nature of Scientific Knowledge Block 3 Universe and Life : The Beginning Unit9 Universe as a System Unit10 Exploring the Universe Unit11 Solar System Unit12 Origin and Evolution of Life Unit13 Evolution of Man Block 4 Environment and Resources Unit14 Ecosystem Unit15 Components of Environment Unit16 The Changing Environment Unit17 Natural Resources Unit18 Resource Utilisation, Planning and Management Block 5 Agriculture, Nutrition and Health Unit19 Food and Agriculture Unit20 Scientific Possibilities and Social Realities Unit21 Food and Nutrition Unit22 Health and Disease Block 6 Information, Knowledge, Insight Unit23 Mind and Body Unit24 Psychological Aspects of Behaviour Unit25 Information and Communication Unit26 Modes of Communication Block 7 Science, Technology And Development Unit27 Science and Technology in Industry Unit28 Technology and Economic Development Unit29 Modern Development in Science and TechnologyI Unit30 Modern Development in Science and TechnologyII Block 8 New Perspectives Unit31 Perceptions and Aspirations Unit32 Science The Road to Development QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2009 2. Solution Paper Dec 2009 3. Solution Paper June 2010 4. Solution Paper Dec 2010 5. Solution Paper June 2011 6. Solution Paper Dec 2011 7. Solution Paper June 2012 8. Solution Paper Dec 2012 9. Solution Paper June 2013 10. Question Paper Dec 2013 11. Solution Paper June 2014