ISBN 9789381269480,Fundamentals Of Transmission Lines & Antennas

Fundamentals Of Transmission Lines & Antennas



Elsevier India Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381269480

ISBN-10 9381269483

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Number of Pages 342 Pages
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This text book provides a vivid explanation to transmission of electromagnetic waves through transmission lines such as open-wire lines and coaxial cables, and to give a better understanding of how these waves are transmitted and received to and from free space using antennas. The mechanism of radiation and reception in antennas are clearly explained. Different types of antennas and their operations are also discussed. Quite a good number of problems have been solved in each chapter. Strong base and thorough understanding of this subject is essential to understand the advanced courses like Microwave Communication, Mobile Communication, Satellite Communication, Microwave and Radio Links, Fibre Optic Communication, Rader and Navigational Aids etc.

The Author presents the contents of this book in a reader friendly way, by providing the students with a strong and secure background for understanding and analyzing the basics of transmission lines and antennas.

About The Author
Rehna V. J., Department of Telecommunication Engineering, Atria Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1: Transmission Line Theory
Chapter 2: The Line at Radio Frequencies
Chapter 3: The Smith Chart
Chapter 4: Antenna Basics
Chapter 5: Point Sources and Arrays
Chapter 6: Electric Dipole and Thin Linear Antennas
Chapter 7: Loop, Slot, Patch & Horn Antenna
Chapter 8: Antenna Types