ISBN 9780553277371,Future Shock

Future Shock


Alvin Toffler


Bantam Books



Bantam Books

Publication Year 1984

ISBN 9780553277371

ISBN-10 0553277375


Number of Pages 561 Pages
Language (English)
Future Shock, authored by Alvin Toffler, is a book that talks about the difficulties that today's generation goes through because of the fast-paced life of today and the everyday change in technology. He talks about bizarre behaviour, emotional breakdowns and an unexpected increase in diseases among the people. It is essential for those who intend on saving the future of their family from the sudden change of culture around us and how they will need to deal with it. About Alvin Toffler Alvin Toffler is an American writer and futurist. He is known for his works which discuss the digital revolution, the communication revolution and technological singularity. He was a Associate Editor with Future magazine and a visiting scholar at Russell Sage Foundation. He founded the Toffler Associates which is a management consulting company.