ISBN 9788170948568,Future Trends From Past Cycles

Future Trends From Past Cycles


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Vision Books


ISBN 9788170948568

ISBN-10 8170948568


Number of Pages 260 Pages
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This ground-breaking book reveals how you can identify potential future trends and turning points in equity prices with great precision by identifying and analysing the stable cycles present in price data. Building on the work of the legendary J. M. Hurst, this book shows how you can use cycles in an innovative, new way by combining the three techniques of cycle analysis, channel analysis and probability analysis. Used together, these techniques ensure both a higher probability of trading success and better risk control - with greater precision than ever before. How trading securities with predictable cycles lead to profits While technical analysts generally believe that virtually all securities can be analysed for future price movement, this book reveals the startling fact that in actual practice only about 10% of the securities have stable cycles at any time. These 10% securities are therefore the ones where future price trends and turning points can be predicted with far greater certainty. Brian Millard reveals how you can identify securities with predictable cycles - securities which spell big trading profits. The book presents numerous other valuable insights on the best new ways to read cycles, evaluate trends, plot moving averages and anticipate turning points. Brian Millard's renowned technical expertise and mathematical insight, meticulously documented methodology, and numerous examples at every step of the process make this an exceptionally lucid and insightful book for technical analysts and traders.