ISBN 9788190587709,Ganga : A Divinity In Flow

Ganga : A Divinity In Flow



Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788190587709

ISBN-10 8190587706

Hard Back

Number of Pages 239 Pages
Language (English)

History & Politics

Ganga or the Ganges is no ordinary river. For a believer, Ganga is not merely a river. She is the mother-Ganga Maiyya. She is divinity in flow, personification of piousness, symbol of life and emancipator of mankind. Though related to the great Gods of Hindu Trinity, in one way or the other, Ganga is considered to be a Goddess in her own right. She is a living God. This book is a personal intimate journey that every Indian can relate to. From the Times of Rig Veda to the times when assorted Musical tunes ring in the numerous mobiles on her banks, Ganga has played a major role in shaping the History of Indian subcontinent. This River has the unique distinction of representing an entire civilization, a benevolent Faith and a culture in its entirety. The uniqueness of the book is in its approach to the subject. It is not a Focus on the popular destinations of Rishikesh, Haridawar and Varanasi. Three years of extensive Travel along the 2,510 km long river-right from the Gangotri Glacier (the source of the river), down to the Ganga Sagar, where it merges into the Bay of Bengal, this is a Visual delight. Over 300 pictures portray the daily life of millions of people, as the vivacious river flows through their hearts, day after day, sustaining and purifying on esoteric and mundane levels. The inimitable endeavor is reflected in the array of places people and life around the Divine River, as it grows from gentle streams, flows through the eponymous planes of Northern India and is consumed through the vast delta in the Sundarbans. About The Author Vijay Singal Born in 1951 at Maler Kotla, Distt. Sangrur, Punjab (India) Vijay Singal is a mechanical engineer by training and a bureaucrat by choice. He Joined Indian Revenue Service in 1976. He has held various positions in Government of India and has also been associated with different training and management programmes . Widely traveled in India and abroad, Vijay Singal is a keen observer of Nature. His earlier works namely Behind psychology Searching for the Roots, Psyche of Common Man, Eternal Echoes, Divine Whispers, Absolute Oneness, have been highly acclaimed by the scholars throughout the world. Atul Bhardwaj A Delhi based Journalist Atul Bhardwaj is widely known and highly regarded in the journalistic fraternity. He has established his own distinct identity for his unique style of working. His affable personality endears everyone who comes in his contact. While remaining in the field of journalism he developed interest in the art of photography. Accordingly, he took formal training in the field and today photography has become his first love. In the words of art lovers " Atul's photographs express themselves through the language of a philosopher, words of a poet and melodies of a musician.