ISBN 9788183482950,General Knowledge 2013

General Knowledge 2013



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788183482950

ISBN-10 8183482953


Number of Pages 112 Pages
Language (English)

Educational: English language: readers & reading schemes

General Knowledge 2012: Essential Knowledge Capsule In General Awareness & Current Affairs is a book that is divided into five primary sections. The History section in this book opens with information on the Indus Valley Civilization and then moves on to a chapter on the Vedic period, which enlightens the readers on Aryan culture and livelihood. It has an entire chapter on Vedic teachings and the period’s literature. There are also a couple of chapters on Jainism and Buddhism, and facts on the reign of different rulers in ancient and medieval India. The book holds essential information on the European Invasion of India, and Pandey has incorporated chapters like Governor Generals of Bengal, Governor Generals of India, The Revolt of 1857, and Social and Cultural Uprisings. This section ends with facts on the viceroys of India, important national activities, and battles in the history of the country. The Geography section begins with an introduction to outer space and physical facts about the world. Pandey educates his readers on the superlative details such as the biggest, longest, highest, and largest among the world’s physical features. He talks about the chief rivers in India and the important towns along their banks, major ports in India, significant river valley projects, and also the principal crops grown in the country. In the domain of transport, his book encompasses information on railway zones, national highways, and nicknames of important places, which could prove to be extremely beneficial to travelers. Other chapters introduced in this section are National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, Foreign Towns Associated with Industries, World’s Geographical Surnames, Indian Geography, and Indian States on International Boundaries. The segment on Indian Polity is an excellent blend of the fundamental and valuable components of the constitution of democratic India. It helps readers build some awareness about the composition of the Constituent Assembly and the Preamble to the Constitution. Other concepts covered include features of the constitution that were imbibed from those of other countries, the different parts and schedules of the Constitution, the new states that were formed after Independence, and the fundamental rights of the people. Some of the other chapters are Forms of Writs, President, Vice President, Prime-Minister, Chief Minister, Attorney General of India, Controller and Auditor General of India, and The Governor. Pandey also provides a lucid and thorough understanding of the Parliament of India and the State Legislature, The Supreme Court and High Court, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), the Election Commission, and the important amendments in the Constitution. The section on Indian Economy consists of 12 chapters that talk about the banking system in India, Reserve Bank of India, Imperial Bank of India, and nationalization of banks. There are also concise but thorough chapters on the five year plans, poverty and unemployment, the Green Revolution, important industries, the national income of India, and the Indian tax structure. Important facts pertaining to the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology have been compiled in the General Science section, including significant inventions and discoveries, important scientific instruments, and explanations of common phenomena. Topics under Chemistry include matter, elements, the symbols and atomic numbers of elements, important alloys, and common and chemical names of compounds. Under Biology, the chapters deal with facts about the human body, organ systems of the human body, facts related to blood, and the details of a balanced diet. The final chapter talks about research stations and institutions in India. The last section, which is the General Knowledge section, deals with common abbreviations, important dates, popular names of personalities, geographical discoveries, capitals and currencies of countries, books and authors, and things that were first in India and first in the world. Other chapters in this domain are the U.N.O and Some Important U.N. agencies, Other International Organizations and Groups, Indian Defense, Ranks of Commissioned Officers, and Parliamentary and Reserved Forces. General Knowledge 2012: Essential Knowledge Capsule In General Awareness & Current Affairs was published by Arihant publications. The book has 112 pages. About Manohar Pandey Manohar Pandey is an author of General Knowledge books.