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General Knowledge



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ISBN 9789351445449

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General Knowledge

Table of Contents
Budget 2015-2016
Union Budget , Railway Budget
Current Affairs

1. Geography

The Big Bang Theory
The Solar System
The Termination Shock Location
Planets in Our Solar System
Earth's Interior (Our Home)
River of Rock
Tectonic Plates
Landforms on Earth
Pacific Plate
Rain Shadow
Origin of Water
Rivers of The World
Oceans of The World
Deserts of the World
Flora and Fauna
Important Cities Near Deserts
The Six Natural Resources - Most Drained
Energy Resources
Petroleum (Fossil Fuels)
Consumption of Crude of Petroleum Industry
Atomic Energy
Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear Fission
Uses of Nuclear Energy
Some Top Atomic Energy Stations
Development Around the World
Mineral Resources
Indian Geography
Physiographic Divisions
Plains of India
Drainage System
Basin Area of Major Rivers
Climate of India
Natural Vegetation
Resources (Flora and Fauna)
Biosphere Reserves
Iron Ore
Fossils Fuel Minerals
Important Industries of India
Air Craft Industry
Ship Building Industry
Cement Industry
2. History

Pre-historic Phase
The Indus Valley Civilization
Advent of Aryans and Age of Rigveda (About, 1500 B. C. - 100 B. C.)
Bronze Age Civilization (2350 - 1750 B. C.)
Rig Vedic Gods (1000 - 600 B. C.)
Religion and Philosophy
Evolution of Jainism
Chandragupta Maurya (322 - 298 B. C.)
Evolution of Buddhism
Rise and Growth of Magadhan Empire
Iranian Invasion
Age of Mauryas (321 - 185 B. C.)
The Pre - Gupta Period
The Shakas
The Parthians
Ancient South India
The Gupta Empire
Origin and Growth of Bhagavatism
The Post Gupta Period
Medieval India
Three Empires of Northern India (700 - 1100 A. D.)
The Arrival of Arabs
Yearwise Historical Narrations
The Sultanate Period
Slave Dynasty (1206 - 1290 A. D.)
Sayyid Dynasty (1414 to 1451)
The Lodhi Dynasty (1451 - 1526 A. D.)
Important Officers and their Functions
Important Departments
Regional Kingdoms
Bahmani Kingdom
Vijaynagar Dynasties
The Mughals
Mughal Administration
Important Officers of Mughal Administration
Maratha Administration
Sur Administration
Events of 1857
Mughal Architecture
Aurangzeb and Later Mughal Architecture
Modern India
The Battle of Plassey
Anglo - Mysore Wars
Anglo - Sikh Wars
Anglo - Maratha Wars
British Policies and Administration in India after AD 1858
The Revolt of 1857
East India Company Ends Rule
Governor - General of Bengal
Trade Union Movement in India
The Great Indian National Movement
Indian National Army
Cabinet Mission
Integration of States
3. Economics
Market Economics
Mixed Economy
The Government Had Absolute Power
Economy of India
Colonial Period (1773 - 1947)
Industry and Services
Banking and Finance

4. G. K

Facts About India
India at a Glance
Highest, Longest, Largest, Tallest, Smallest of Our Country
Indian Movie Timeline and Facts
Indian Cricketers and Their Achievements
Facts About Earth and World
First in the World
Largest Cities on the Planet by Population
Country Population (Largest)
Countries (Highest Density) (People Per Square Km)
Languages of the World
Public Sector Unit of India (Maharatna, Navaratna and Miniratna, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., Coal India Ltd., Nat ional Thermal Power Corporation Ltd., Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Steel Authority of India Ltd., List of Industries in India)
5. Science

Branches of Science
Physics and its Applications
The 4 Theories of Physics
History of Physics
Timeline of Events
Facts About Important Elements
Chemical Compounds
Atomic Theories
Timeline of Important Inventions and Researches
Foundation of Modern Biology
Some Terminologies
The History of Genetics
Plants and Their Structure
Reproduction in Plants
Cell Structure - Animal Human
Timeline of Biological Discoveries
6. Computers

Computer History
Five Generations of Modern Computer
Networking and Internet
Timeline of Events of Development of Internet
Facts About Internet
Types of Networks
Advantage and Disadvantage of Networking
7. Indian Polity

Indian Constitution
Constituent Assembly
Salient Features of the Indian Constitution
Fundamental Rights
Courts and the Constitution
Sources of Law
Enactment of Laws
Applicability of Laws
Constitution of Supreme Court
Supreme Court Registry
Attorney General
Supreme Court Advocates
Parts of Our Constitution
The Preamble
Schedules to Indian Constitution
Government - At Union Level
The President, Method of Election
How to Elect the President in India
Total Electors
Formula and Illustration
Term of Office
Impeachment of the President
Powers of the President
Executive Powers
Legislative Powers
Emergency Powers
Financial Powers
Judicial Powers
Vice President
Council of Ministers
List of Former Presidents of India
Prime Ministers of India
Chief Justices of India
List of Chief Justices of India
Census 2011 in India
Major Constitutional Amendments - A Brief Survey
Parliament and State Legislatures
Fundamental Duties
8. Media Index

Media Exposure
Print Media
Television and Cable