ISBN 9789380090511,GIS in Water Resources Engineering

GIS in Water Resources Engineering


Gajraj Singh


SBS Publishers



SBS Publishers

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380090511

ISBN-10 938009051X


Number of Pages 327 Pages
Language (English)

Water supply & treatment

Gis In Water Resources Engineering Presents A Thorough Concepts And Applications Of Gis In The Various Sub-Fields Of Water Resources Engineering. The Book Develops A General Understanding Of The Nature Of Gis And How It Is Used To Create And Analyze Geographic Data. The Book Addresses Concepts And Application In: Surface Water Hydrology,Groundwater Hydrology, Water Supply And Irrigation Systems,Floodpain Management,Water Quality,Water Resource Monitoring And Forecasting, River Basin Planning And Management.The Book Introduces Primary Field Data Collection Methods And Describes Procedures For Interpretation And Analysis. Also It Focuses On The Linkage Of Gis Data With Water Resource Analysis And Management Models. Applications Are Presented With Describes Of Gis .Gis In Water Resources Engineering Arms Engineers And Planners With An Arsenal Of Tools To Assist In The Creation Of Reliable, Environmentally Sensitive, Infrastructure. The Book Examines Various Ways That Innovative Water Resource Managers Are Using Spatial Analysis And Electronic Mapping To Provide Increased Functionality And Reliability To The Complex Systems They Oversee. The Book Also Discussed Gis Important Tool For Unity, As Countries Who Are Seeking Acceptance To The Economic Union Must Use The Technology To Bring Their Water Infrastructures Into Conformance With Eu Standards.