ISBN 9781259025808,Good Products, Bad Products: Essential Elements to Achieving Superior Quality

Good Products, Bad Products: Essential Elements to Achieving Superior Quality



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781259025808

ISBN-10 1259025802


Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)


A must-read for managers, designers, manufacturers, and marketers, this groundbreaking approach will change the way you think about your product?and show you why it?s more important than ever to deliver the highest quality possible. In Good Products, Bad Products, you?ll learn how to: Maximize your product?s performance?and minimize the cost Appeal to your customer?s emotions?with elegance and sophistication Make sure your product is a perfect fit?that?s human, cultural, and global About the Author James L. Adams is professor emeritus at Stanford University, where he chaired several programs, taught courses on design and creativity, and participated in many executive programs. Table of Contents Chapter 1 Products and Quality: What Is the Situation? Chapter 2 Problems in Increasing Product Quality: Narrow-Mindedness and Attitudes Chapter 3 Performance, Cost, and Price: Is It a Good Deal? Chapter 4 Human Fit: Does the Product Fit People? Chapter 5 Craftsmanship: Joy to the Maker, Joy to the User Chapter 6 Products, Emotions, and Needs: Love, Hate, or Blah? Chapter 7 Aesthetics, Elegance, and Sophistication: Wisdom Through Experience Chapter 8 Symbolism and Cultural Values: Who Are We? Chapter 9 Global Constraints: Does the Product Fit a Finite Earth and Its Inhabitants? Chapter 10 Conclusion: What Have We Learned? Where Do We Go?