ISBN 9788174821157,Group Discussion on Current Topics

Group Discussion on Current Topics


P. N. Joshi






Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788174821157

ISBN-10 8174821155


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Group Discussions, Interviews

Table of Contents
Model Group Discussion
1. Whether child care is the responsibility only of parents or others are also equality responsible?
Overall Remarks on Model Group Discussion
2. Should religion be mixed with politics?
3. Whether judiciary should dispose of the cases more promptly?
4. Unipolar World! Should USA dictate terms internationally as at present?
5. Do you support voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) in Government and Private Sectors?
6. Whether coaching is necessary for academic studies and competitive examination?
7. Do you agree that there is a bright scope for tourism industry in India?
8. People are spending lots of money wedding ceremonies. To your minds is it necessary or wastage of money?
9. Which will be more workable to check the population growth rate – methods of family planning or education/awareness?
10. Do you agree that the standard of teachers and their teaching style are deteriorating day by day?
11. Do you support the disinvestment policy of the Government?
12. Who has a more important role to play in maintaining law and order – the policy or the countrymen?
13. Do you believe that urbanization is a good sign of process
14. Whether equal and effective participation of women is necessary for rapid progress of the country?
15. Should Hindi be compulsory in all offices in India?
16. What is the solution to end terrorism, strike on terrorists or political/diplomatic approach?
17. Should Energy sector be privatized?
18. Where should we spend more money – development or defence?
19. Who serves the country more – a doctor or a teacher?
20. Should co-education be compulsory in school and colleges?
21. Should rapists be given capital punishment?
22. Which is more important for socio-economic change of SC/ST and OBCs, better education or reservation for jobs?
23. Should women be given reservation in politics?
24. What is more important in a woman – beauty or intelligence?
25. Should India go for war with Pakistan or take political and diplomatic action for solution or Kashmir and other issues?
26. Should Indian industries be modernized or continue as they are in viewe of the present economic state?
27. Which is more informative : electronic media or print media?
28. Is Science a blessing or a curse?
29. Whether all the computer training institute be taken over by government?
30. There has been disaster due to earthquake. To your mind which is more important doctor, management or motivation to meet with the situation?
31. Our fashion is going towards westernization. Whether this should be encouraged?
32. Should there be prescribed educational standard for entry into politics?
33. Do you agree that there should be reservation for girls in medical colleges for MBBS and BDS Course?
34. In view of change in society, whether male child is necessary?
35. Whether computer should be a compulsory subject in school?
36. Which is more workable to check brain drain-expansion of factories/industries or better working conditions?
37. Who serves the country more, a Scientist or an Engineer?
38. Do you agree that middle class in India is the happiest one today?
39. What should be stressed more to be studies according to the need of the day – Science or other subjects?
40. Who is a bigger victim of crime in the society today – Women or Men?
41. Do you agree that superstition is a curse in the society?
42. In view of the present situation whether India should go in for further nuclear programmes?
43. Should Non Resident Indians (NRIs) be given dual citizenship?
44. Do you agree that dowry is an evil in society?
45. Should sex education be made compulsory in school?
46. Who is more responsible for bad performance of Indian Cricket Team – selection committee or players?
47. Should India go for sports and culture programmes with Pakistan in view of present situation?
48. Should Indian leadership with separatist groups for the solution of Jammu and Kashmir Issues?
49. Which will be more effective to reduce corruption – tough regulation or enhancement of salary of employees?
50. What can attract more talented youths to join armed as forces as officers – enhancement of salary or good working conditions?
51. Do you support the war 2003 by America on Iraq?
52. Does caste still the shots in Modern India?
53. Should there be a ban on cow slaughter?
54. Is UNO successful in its role?
55. Should free books be given upto 5th Class to all or SC/ST or OBC student in school?
56. Should Indian Railway be privatized?
57. Which is better – Government Service, Private Service or Business?
58. Should Army be used in civil for maintaining law and order?
59. Which is necessary to be developed more – Agriculture or factories/Industries for rapid progress and economic growth?
60. Whether government schools should be privatized?
61. Who serves the country more – a farmer or a soldier?
62. Which is more useful – joint or single family (Separated family) set-up?
63. Whether strong opposition is necessary in parliament?
64. Whether Military Training should be compulsory for all citizens?
65. Should strong/hard punishment be given to students in the schools?
66. Whether students should take part in politics?
67. Which is more important for you whether Education – hard work or money?
68. Whether children should be allowed to watch TV?
69. Whether sports should be a compulsory subject in school and colleges?
70. Whether democracy should be continued or there should be military rule in India?
71. Whether prohibition of liquor should be imposed for all?
72. Which of them do you support – whether love marriage or arranged marriage?
73. Whether study of English should be continued or discontinued from school and colleges?
74. Who is more responsible for the deterioration of law and order in the country – Police, Politician or Countrymen?
75. Whether reservation should be given to SC/ST/Backward classes for jobs, promotions and school Admissions?
76. Who influences a child more – parents or teachers?
77. Whether women should be taken in Armed forces?
78. Which is more important – hard work or intelligence?
79. In which sector Government spend more – Education or health care?
80. Is the United States taking a Pro-Pakistan stand?
81. Should Engineers, Doctors and MBA holders be allowed for IAS?