ISBN 9789380619552,Half Single Half Married

Half Single Half Married



Good Times Books Pvt. Ltd.

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789380619552

ISBN-10 9380619553

Paper Back

Number of Pages 168 Pages
Language (Hindi)

Short stories

What does a man want? Sex?
Yes. However, he needs love too.
What does a woman want? Love?
Yes. However, she needs sex too.
What does a man and his woman want together? A Family?
Yes. However, they need companionship too.
Everybody wants everything. Love, sex,
companionship, trust and a lot more.
When Raghunath Shastri , a twenty nine year old advertising executive, gets married to Harini, a rape victim, the life ahead becomes a mysterious path where emotions get bemused to an extent that it impacts his marriage with her. Along his path, travels a group of interesting characters; Dinesh and his wife Kalpana, Akhil and his wife Maya. Together they summon a world of love, desires, pain and ambitions while creating moments of ambiguity.
Half Single Half Married is about the dreams of a man, feelings of his woman and the saga of their relationship.