ISBN 9788181891662,Handbook Of Microbial Biofertilizers

Handbook Of Microbial Biofertilizers


M K Rai


IBDC Publisher



IBDC Publisher

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788181891662

ISBN-10 818189166X

Hard Back

Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

This first-ot-its-kind handbook provides in-depth coverage of all major microbial biofertilizers (rhizobia, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, and cynobacteria), as well as new and emerging growth promoters (endophytes). It examines the role of microbes in growth promotion, bioprotectors, and bioremediators, and presents protocols and practical strategies for using microbes in sustainable agriculture. Charts, tables and figures make complex information easy to access and understand.

About the Authors
M K Rai, PhD, is Professor and Head of the Department of Biotechnology at Amravati Universtiy in Maharashtra, India. Dr. Rai has published 140 research papers, more than 100 articles in Indian and foreign journals, and six books. He has been teaching and conducting research for two decades. Dr. Rai is a member of several scientific societies and has been a National Scholar for five years. He received Father T.A. Mathias Award (1989) from the All India Association for Christian Higher Education and the Medini Award (1999) from the Department of Environment and Forest (Government of India). He received a SERC Visiting Fellowship from the Deparment of Science and Technology (Government of India, 1996) and an INSA Visiting Fellowship from the Indian National Science Academy (1998), and is a TWAS-UNESCO Associate (Italy, 2002).