ISBN 9788120334137,He Human Side Of Organization 9Ed

He Human Side Of Organization 9Ed



Phi Learning Private Limited

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788120334137

ISBN-10 8120334132


Edition 9th
Number of Pages 552 Pages
Language (English)


Business and organizational leaders repeatedly stress the need for increased worker education and preparedness in communication, interpersonal skills, teamwork, leadership, ethics and the ability to work well with others. In other words, people need to know more about The Human Side of Organizations. The Tenth Edition continues a long tradition of fulfilling these needs. The skills presented here are needed by everyone working in organizations today: Work and Its Place in Life Individuals and Self-Management Improving Interpersonal Communication Motivation and Morale Workplace Etiquette Job Satisfaction and the Quality of Work Life Ethics and the Workplace The Dynamics of Change Managing Conflict Understanding Management Leadership Understanding Jobs?from Design to Appraisal Managing Stress Organizational Structure and Behavior An extensive inventory of pedagogical tools help us learn how to apply the principles discussed in the book. New features integrated into every chapter of the Tenth Edition include: Spot Check exercises to check comprehension of new concepts; Student Self-Assessments that relate chapter concepts directly to you; Skill-Building exercises that apply concepts using realistic organizational situations; and Personal Point exercises that facilitate personal reflection Table Of Contents Preface Part 1: The Basics of Human Relations 1. Work and its Place in Life 2. Perception and Problem Solving 3. Primary Communications 4. Improving Communications and Managing Conflict 5. Ethics and Etiquette Part 2: The Organizational Framework 6. Jobs, from Design to Appraisal 7. Formal Organizations: How People Organize 8. Understanding Management 9. Small Groups and the Informal Organization 10. Individual and Self-Management Part 3: Inducing Organizational Activity 11. Motivational and Morale 12. Job Satisfaction and the Quality of Work Life 13. The Dynamics of Change Part 4: Strategies for Improving Organizational Behavior and Performance 14. Leadership 15. Stress 16. Challenges and Opportunities Notes Index