ISBN 9780140455250,Hiero the Tyrant & Other Treatises : Pen

Hiero the Tyrant & Other Treatises : Pen



Penguin Books India

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780140455250

ISBN-10 0140455256


Number of Pages 248 Pages
Language (English)


One of Socrates' Athenian disciples in his youth, Xenophon (c. 498-354 BC) fought as a mercenary commander in Cyrus, the Younger's campaign, to seize the Persian throne, and later wrote a wide range of works on history, politics and philosophy. These six treatises offer his informed insights into the nature of leadership. In the dialogue between the poet Simonides and Hiero, tyrant of Syracuse, Xenophon provides a consummate consideration of the burdens of being an absolute dictator and the superior happiness of the private man. Elsewhere, his biography of King Agesilaus II of Sparta depicts the author's patron as a model of piety, justice, courage and wisdom, while other texts consider the essential qualities of the cavalry commander, analyse the skills of the horseman and the hunter, and advance a bold economic plan for democratic Athens.