ISBN 9780070702325,Higher Standard Of Leadership

Higher Standard Of Leadership



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070702325

ISBN-10 0070702322


Number of Pages 176 Pages
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Higher Standard of Leadership Rediscover the enduring moral values essential to a higher quality of life and leadership through the spirit and wisdom of Gandhi Mohandas K Gandhi is one of the most successful and revered leaders of all time. This is the first book to apply lessons from his life to the practical tasks faced by today?s business and political leaders. A lifelong student of Gandhi's teachings and a businessman with more than 25 years of experience in leadership development, Keshavan Nair is uniquely positioned to bridge the two worlds. Through illustrative examples from Gandhi's life and writings, Nair identifies commitments- to conscience, openness, service, values, and reduced personal attachments- and describes the courage and determination necessary to work and lead by them. He explores the process of making decisions, setting goals, and implementing actions in the spirit of service that is essential to the realization of a higher standard of leadership in our workplaces and communities. TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface Introduction: The Challenge of a Higher Standard Section I A Single Standard of Conduct 1. Develop a Basis for the Single Standard: Commit to Absolute Values 2. Acknowledge the Ideal: Commit to the Journey 3. Develop the Guide That Will Keep You on the Journey: Commit to Training Your Conscience 4. Reduce forces That Lead You Astray: Commit to Reducing Attachments 5. Be Willing to Stand Scrutiny: Commit to Minimizing Secrecy 6. The Essential Quality: Courage Section II The Spirit of Service 7. Focus on Responsibilities 8. Emphasize Values-Based Service 9. Make a Commitment to Personal Service 10. Understand the Needs of the People You Want to Serve 11. Reconcile Power With Service Section III Decisions and Actions Bounded by Moral Principles 12. Establish Principles of Governance 13. Create Integrity in the Decision Process 14. Change the Criteria for Decision Making 15. Implement Decisions Within Moral Constraints Conclusion: Taking up the Challenge A Brief History of Gandhi Suggested Readings Notes