ISBN 9788189975227,How Customers Like To Buy

How Customers Like To Buy


Deery Steve



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788189975227

ISBN-10 8189975226


Language (English)

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This imjportant new book takes a careful and detailed look at the personality types of buyers and the way the professional sales person needs to be aware of these when trying to make a sale. if an sale does not occur, the problem lies either with the seller or the buyer. Knowing about the buyer is vital. This book examines the gap between those who could buy and those who actually do buy, especially from the point of view of the personality type of the buyers. Steve Deey identifies for main typer, the analytical, driver amiable and expressive personalites and show how the astute salesperson can capitalise on this knowledge and operate accordingly, thereby greathly increasing the possibilities of a sale. The same characteristics can apply to the sellers and the book looks at the possible interations, successes and failures of mis-matching tyes and personalitites.