ISBN 9788132107538,How Some Small Businesses Get Their Ducks in a Row and Grow : While Others Remain Undistinguished

How Some Small Businesses Get Their Ducks in a Row and Grow : While Others Remain Undistinguished


Shil Niyogi



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788132107538

ISBN-10 8132107535


Number of Pages 216 Pages
Language (English)


Is it their vision, their leadership styles, their people-management skills, or their industry insight? Perhaps the one leading factor is their talent for transforming these enterprises into star performers and brands to reckon with. Designed as a boot-camp?style workbook, it puts forward a three-pronged framework for success in business: - Procedural: Follow the existing norms and introduce better standards and more effective procedures within the firm. - Behavioral: Attend to the human side of the enterprise and the entrepreneur. - Strategic: Develop long-term plans for the entrepreneur and the enterprise. Complex management issues, concepts and situations are discussed in simple language, sprinkled with humorous illustrations. Real-life examples of successful entrepreneurs make this book a must-read for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. Table of Contents Preface Introduction I: PROCEDURAL WAYS Early to Work has its Perk (s) Set Job Descriptions and Employer Expectations Preach against Micromanagement and Encourage Delegation Provide Information Proactively Practice the Golden Scrub Savers Avoid Becoming the Target of Pet Peeves Prevent Fires: Keep Your Schedule Visible Discourage Bonding Through Sports or Social Networks Don't Buy Expensive Gifts-They Will Really Cost You! Let What Happens at Home Stay at Home No Bypassing Use Positive Feedback to Build a Team Be Assertive in Your Communication Understand that Personal Favors Can Hurt You Use Office Resources Only for Office Purposes Treat Important Tasks as Projects to Manage Share Knowledge and Train Co-workers If You Were in the Undistinguished Entrepreneur?s Shoes Procedural Lessons Procedural Clinic II: BEHAVIORAL WAYS You are What You Wear Start Saying No Take Criticism Constructively Learn to Deal with Possible Attention-Deficit Disorder Manage the Undistinguished Entrepreneur?s ?I Want This Now? Attitude Organize the Undistinguished Entrepreneur?s Work Congratulate the Entrepreneur! Socialize, But Don't Be Overly Sociable Control Flights of Fancy Be Pragmatic Learn from Your Mistakes Admit Mistakes and Move On Provide Constructive Feedback when you Disagree Thank your Luck But Don't Rely On It Turn the Focus on the Firm?s Culture Push for Ethics in the Organization Don't Partake in Politics Behavioral Lessons Behavioral Clinic III: STRATEGIC WAYS Focus on Profitability, not Sales Instill Clarity in the Organization?s Workflows Understand Long-Term Goals Search out Innovations and Conduct Research Improve the Way Decisions are Taken and Managed Support the Hiring of Professional Senior Management Mentor Your Subordinates, Particularly the Difficult Ones Apprise the Entrepreneur of your Career Goals, Without Asking for a Raise or Reward Update the Firm?s Practices Be an Asset, not a Liability Make Yourself Indispensable Remind the Entrepreneur to Think Twice Before Purchasing or Hiring Services Keep the entrepreneur?s Blue-Eyed Boy on your Team Bring Realism into Forecasting Help the Entrepreneur to Connect with the Firm?s Clients Consider Quitting only as a Last Resort Strategic Lessons Strategic Clinic Notes and References