ISBN 9780312573546,How to Build a Business and Sell it for Millions

How to Build a Business and Sell it for Millions


Jack Garson






Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780312573546

ISBN-10 0312573545


Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)


Finally, the positive economic news every businessperson is waiting to hear. Jack Garson says the long economic downturn will give way to a major buying spree by cash-rich companies--and they could be in the market to purchase your small or medium-sized business. It's the ultimate payday for everyone who wants to live the American dream, whether they're starting a business or already own one. Millions of dollars are on the table. But will you and your business be ready?
"How to Build a Business and Sell it for Millions "is a must-read for every business owner and would-be entrepreneur. In entertaining and elaborate detail, Garson outlines the vital moves your company needs to make to become an attractive acquisition by other firms:
- Do you have a competitive edge that sets you apart from your competition?
- Are both you "and" your company sustainable and able to outlast the bad times to become a success?
- Can you stop being a "Derek," the boss who suffers from "Founder's Dilemma," micromanaging everything big and small?
"How to Build a Business and Sell it for Millions" uses real life examples to explain how the goal of selling your company needs to be linked to every business decision you make: hiring, compensation, contracts, financial reporting and dozens of other areas often overlooked by busy entrepreneurs. While many business owners struggle to get to the next day, Garson has the inside scoop on achieving the opportunity of a lifetime-- selling your company for vast riches.
In "How to Build a Business and Sell It for Millions," MBA meets Main Street, with a combination of inspiration and invaluable practical advice.