ISBN 9781447202325,How To Change The World

How To Change The World






Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781447202325

ISBN-10 1447202325


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)


Learn to take action and make a difference - one step at a time. How To Change The World combines insights from Tolstoy, Gandhi and Sartre and outlines a refreshing theory of political power, giving examples of successful non-violent action from across the world, from the start of recorded history to the present day. Of course, we don't all need to topple dictators, but any attempt to change the status quo requires us to overcome inertia, indifference and perhaps active hostility from people who feel threatened. This book explores the idea that we can break down our goals into small pieces, and highlights that there will never be a better time to start. Bursting with ideas, this book will give you a sense of what might just be possible, as well as the inspiration and the courage you need to go about improving and changing the world we live in. About the Author John-Paul Flintoff is an author, writer and broadcaster. His FT magazine story about Camilla Batmangehelidjh, founder of the London-based charity, Kids Company, helped to change government policy, and the late Nobel winner Harold Pinter said of Flintoff's work that it was ?very good, very funny. . . in fact, it made me laugh?. For more, see