ISBN 9789339222154,How To Implement Lean Manufacturing

How To Implement Lean Manufacturing



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789339222154

ISBN-10 9339222156


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 448 Pages
Language (English)

Manufacturing industries

This Book Offers Real-World Solutions For Implementing Lean Manufacturing In The Enterprise, Covering The
Technical, Engineering, And Production Aspects As Well As Business Culture Concerns.
Salient Features:
- Filled With Detailed Examples, The Book Focuses On The Rapid Application Of Lean Principles So That Large, Early Financial Gains Can Be Made.
- The Author Explains Toyota Production System (Tps) Practices And Specifies The Distinct Order In Which Lean Techniques Should Be Applied To Achieve Maximum Gains.
- Global Case Studies Discussed In The Book Will Help Readers Easily Apply These Situations To Their Own Companies.
About The Author

Lonnie Wilson, Founder Of Quality Consultants, Which Teaches And Applies Lean Techniques To Not Only Small Entrepreneurs But Also Fortune 500 Firms, Principally In The United States, Mexico And Canada.

Table Of Contents:-
1 What Is The Perspective Of This Book? Part I The Lean Killers And Roll Out Errors 2 The "Killers" To A Lean Transformation 3 How To Design A Lean Transformation So Failure Is Guaranteed Part Ii The Issue Of Culture And The Five Cultural Change Leading Indicators 4 Cultures 5 Cultural Change Leading Indicator No 1, Leadership 6 Cultural Change Leading Indicator No 2, Motivation 7 Cultural Change Leading Indicator No 3, Problem Solving 8 Cultural Change Leading Indicator No 4, Whole-Facility Engagement 9 Cultural Change Leading Indicator No 5, A Learning/Teaching/ Experimenting Environment Part Iii The Solution......How To Implement Lean Manufacturing 10 Lean Manufacturing And The Toyota Production System 11 Inventory And Variation 12 Lean Manufacturing Simplified 13 The Significance Of Lead Time 14 The Path To Lean--The Five Strategies To Becoming Lean 15 Sustaining The Gains 16 A Lean Transformation 17 Planning And Goals 18 Constraint Management 19 Cellular Manufacturing 20 The Story Of The Alpha Line 21 The Story Of The Bravo Line: A Tale Of Reduced Lead Times And Lots Of Early Gains 22 Using The Prescription--Three Case Studies 23 The Precursors To Lean--Not Handled Well 24 House Of Lean, Systemwide Assessments And A Cool Experiment Glossary Index