ISBN 9788129109866,How To Stay Healthy With Homeopathy

How To Stay Healthy With Homeopathy


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788129109866

ISBN-10 8129109867


Number of Pages 604 Pages
Language (English)

Mind, body, spirit

althy with Homeopathy is one of the simplest manuals on homeopathic treatment ever published. It is an easy-to-refer-to book for the householder and for the health-conscious, busy executive, and a simple guide for parents who don't want their children to suffer from the severe side-effects caused by many of today's medicines. Quality homeopathic drugs, if chosen correctly, have no side effects. They are readily available in the smallest towns at an astonishingly low price. The book provides the reader with immediate medical advice for illness at home. Even in emergencies, a patient can be looked after until appropriate medical counsel is available. In most cases, the latter is not necessary. Chapters on the human body are arranged, for easy reference, in order of location, starting with the brain. Each chapter has its own alphabetical index of symptoms and sickness. The chapters begin with an illustration of the body part, followed by a short write-up and simple instructions on personal care. Clear advice has been provided on dosage and potency in acute as well as chronic problems. An unique feature is the way in which differentiation has been made by highlighting in bold letters symptoms that distinguish one medicine from another for the same sickness. Instructive chapters based on the latest research have been written on 'Hypertension', 'Smoking' and 'Alcoholism' There is an exclusive on 'Children' and the problems related to them. The chapter 'A Short Circuit to selection of Remedies' with 'A Repertory for Instant Reference in Home, Office and for Travellers' is self-contained and useful. About the Author Rajendra Tandon is the author of The Homeopathic Guide to Family Health, a bestseller since it was published in 1989. That classic has been translated into Hindi and Urdu. Tandon has been studying homeopathy in depth for the last thirty years. He has tried a large number of medicines on himself and on others and watched their healing carefully. All this observation is reflected in his writing in this book. His writing reflects his no-nonsense approach to the subject and every word is marked with precision and reader friendliness.