ISBN 9789325975613,Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management


Sanghi S



Vikas Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789325975613

ISBN-10 9325975610


Number of Pages 392 Pages
Language (English)


Human Resource Management (HRM) is the most challenging and exciting area within management. In the turbulent times we live in, the value of the HRM function is gaining increasing importance in managing organizations. Uniqueness of any organization is dependent on its human capital that brings in the differentiating results. How differently organizations address the HR issues is of utmost importance.

This book is designed for management students across the country and line managers who have to deal with HR issues. This insightful and practical book will take the readers through the concepts to applications of Human Resource Management. Interspersed with examples from national and international organizations, the book also brings various HR aspects from countries across the globe, thus bringing in the national and international perspective to all the HR issues. Along with other contemporary and traditional chapters, the book includes the chapters on Establishment and Terms of Services, Competency-based HRM, Assessment Centre, Human Resources Accounting, and Work-life Balance and Well Being.

Value-Adding Features
Preview An opening vignette introducing the HR topic, simulating the reference in context, generating interest and curiosity.
Did You Know? Has illuminations, events, and historical facts relating to the roots and evolution of HR.
Comparative Analysis Cites examples from national and multinational companies on all aspects of HRM, enabling the readers to compare the problems and solutions.
Recent Advances Feature includes changing conditions, advances in the field and emerging trends that may open up new areas or give leads for project work, studies, surveys and research.
Legal Corner A unique feature that gives insight into the national and international legal issues, framework and challenges faced by the corporates on a day-to-day basis.
Skill-building Activities Designed to tap readers' curiosity and interest, motivate and increase their eagerness to learn, provide an opportunity to expand their current range of knowledge, and test their skills with respect to the real-world issues
Case Studies Based on real situations, where conceptual knowledge has to be applied to deal with various corporate challenges.