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Humanities And Social Science



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788177228472

ISBN-10 8177228471


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Indian Society Sociology and Its Importance Structure of the Indian Society Indian Social Demography Caste, Class, Gender and Tribe Institutions of Marriage, Family and Kinship Secularization and Social Movement Panchayati Raj Institutions (As per District Rural Development Agency) Indian Constitution Affirmative Action Programme of the Government - Various Reservations and Commissions Environment and Ecology Environment Ecosystem Pollution Energy Sources Population Growth Biodiversity Use of Technology in Environmental Protection Economic Development Definition of Economics Theory of Supply and Demand Economic Development Economic Planning Five Year Plan India Vision - 2020 Indian Economy National Income Population and Development Inflation Social Development Scientific Approach to the Study of Human Beings Evolution of Humankind Social Change and Evolution Industrial Revolution National Policy on Education, Health and Healthcare and Human Development Sectoral Development Indian Economy Drivers Development in Agricultural Sector Rural and Urban Development Industrialization Consumer Awareness Banking and Trades Financial Analysis Cost Analysis Break-Even Analysis Budget Analysis Financial Statements Financial Institution Finance Commission of India Indian Banking The International Economy World Trade Organization