ISBN 9780470747735,Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid Electric Vehicles


Chris Mi


John Wiley



John Wiley

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780470747735

ISBN-10 0470747730

Hard Back

Number of Pages 472 Pages
Language (English)

Mechanical engineering

Modern Hybrid Electric Vehicles provides vital guidance to help a new generation of engineers master the principles of and further advance hybrid vehicle technology. The authors address purely electric, hybrid electric, plugin hybrid electric, hybrid hydraulic, fuel cell, and offroad hybrid vehicle systems. They focus on the power and propulsion systems for these vehicles, including issues related to power and energy management. They concentrate on material that is not readily available in other hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) books such as design examples for hybrid vehicles, and cover new developments in the field including electronic CVT, plugin hybrid, and new power converters and controls. Covers hybrid vs. pure electric, HEV system architecture (including plugin and hydraulic), offroad and other industrial utility vehicles, nongroundvehicle applications like ships, locomotives, aircrafts, system reliability, EMC, storage technologies, vehicular power and energy management, diagnostics and prognostics, and electromechanical vibration issues. Contains core fundamentals and principles of modern hybrid vehicles at component level and system level. Provides graduate students and field engineers with a text suitable for classroom teaching or selfstudy.