ISBN 9789380619699,I Am A Woman & I Am On Sale

I Am A Woman & I Am On Sale



Good Times Books Pvt. Ltd.

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789380619699

ISBN-10 9380619693

Paper Back

Number of Pages 176 Pages
Language (English)


Harsh Jalan is a senior partner in his law firm and at the top of his game despite his young age. He’s sharp, he’s shrewd, and he’s successful!

…And then…one day…Maya walks into his office & his life…

Not only is she sexy and stunning; she’s smart and sharp…and dangerous. And…she’s hiding a secret…(a victim of incest and sexual abuse, Maya’s entire life has been a tale of abuse – including the present writ petition).

But, can he save his beautiful client from the clutches of her most powerful adversary yet…Pratap Taran Jograj…as life spirals out of control in this cat-and-mouse game of life-and-death, revenge-and-retribution and crime-and-punishment.

Praises for the book:

“The book unravels a dark wakes you up from your reverie and makes you confront the demons that abound in the society.”
–Pavan Anand, CEO, DAGMAR

"The greatest sin is apathy - to witness an injustice and not do anything about it. Hence, I commend the writer for having the gumption to pick up her pen in the cause of women."
–Ayodhya Nath Pathak, Former Director General of Police, MP

“It's a dark tale of the fair sex and will keep you glued to the pages...”
–His Royal Highness Y. N. Singh, Professor-English, USA

“Mallika has carefully woven together the global theme of equal rights with a gritty harrowing storyline. From personal experience I can confirm that these issues are as common in the Middle East as they are in India and hence this book's theme will resonate with men and women across the world.”
–Tanvir Shah, Consultant & Philanthropist, Middle East.

"Maya is a reminder that the sweetest smiles hold the darkest's a powerful story, with an equally powerful message."
–Prof. Probir Kr. Gupta, Former Dean, VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur