ISBN 9788189988548,I Dare!

I Dare!


Kiran Bedi


Hay House India



Hay House India

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788189988548

ISBN-10 8189988549

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Number of Pages 386 Pages
Language (English)

History & Politics

I Dare!: Kiran Bedi- A Biography is a book written by Parmesh Dangwal about the social reformist Kiran Bedi, which is a compilation of all the obstacles she has faced and overcome along her way up the rungs of success. Corruption has made its way into the critical parts of the Indian governance, so much so that the people have lost faith in getting something righteously. The devil of corruption, of bribery, of blackmailing, and threatening is prevalent at every corner of life and at every stage of development. The more an institution is developed, the more the bribe expected is.

The country was in dire need of an overhaul, a forceful reform that would change its very face and its ruling pattern. It was at that critical point that Kiran Bedi decided to enter the league of activists that would change the future of India for good. By starting with the description of her early career years, and moving on to the roles she played in her personal life, the book goes on to talk about some of the biggest challenges Bedi has had to face. She has had to withstand the Lawyers' strike against her, and the sabotage of police reforms.

It was then that Bedi decided to move on, to fight corruption in its face, and to not be shattered by her foes and their efforts to sabotage her plans. She talks about how she would prevent stifling of creativity, how she would fight anything that obstructed growth and crush morale. She says that her self-respect, innate sense of justice, and her values propelled her to become the master of her time. Her active participation in the development and betterment of the Tihar jail and the facilities it offers for its inmates are also mentioned in the book.

There are also anecdotes from the activities of the Joint Committee formed against corruption, headed by Anna Hazare, for drafting a new Janlokpal Bill that effectively uproots corruption and its myriad forms.

The book was published in 2011.