ISBN 9789352544486,I'M An Average Looking Boy...Will You Be My Girlfriend?

I'M An Average Looking Boy...Will You Be My Girlfriend?


Roopesh Kumar






Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789352544486

ISBN-10 935254448X


Language (English)

Fiction & Non-Fiction

The plot of this novel is centered on Vidoy and Dibisha, who are students of Hindu College. They meet under the Virgin tree, and that is how the story begins. Readers have found the story of this cute and romantic novel very refreshing and elaborate. The final twist in the book manages to bewilder one and all and is totally unexpected.
The book has been praised for its intricate characterizations. They are easy to relate to and seem like real life people, which the readers come across in real life. The same holds true for characters like Shreya, Ishan, Vidoy, Samar and Ananya, who seem like real-life friends that almost everyone come across in real life.
Most readers develop an instant affinity for the character of Dibisha. The book, in fact, has been written from her point of view, and during the course of the book the readers actually wonder at the observation skills of the author.
The author has very smartly touched some real issues of our society. He has given his point of view in a manner that does not hurt anybody's feelings, yet the point gets conveyed. His purpose is to spread the message to maximum people, so that maximum people think about the similar problems faced by the society.
According to the readers, the book is for light and fun reading, and should not be missed by those who like to read love stories.
About the author:
Roopesh Kumar is a young Indian student and this is his first novel.