ISBN 9780285647251,Ideas And Opinions

Ideas And Opinions


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Rupa & Co

Publication Year 1979

ISBN 9780285647251

ISBN-10 0285647253


Number of Pages 372 Pages
Language (English)


"He was unfathomably profound the genius among geniuses who discovered, merely by thinking about it, that the universe was not as it seemed." Times magazine, declaring Einstein 'person of the 20th century' Ideas and Opinions is a collection of the thoughts and beliefs of one of history's greatest scientists: Albert Einstein. Displaying his remarkable ability to penetrate the heart of a subject, these writings reflect Einstein's rare gift of making complex problems seem simple, revealing as well the witty, anarchic and thoughtful personality of the greatest scientific mind of the twentieth century. About the Author Born in 1879 in Germany, Albert Einstein came to public attention in 1905 upon the publication of his first scientific papers. He began teaching at the University of Zurich. He worked on his theory of relativity between 1913 and 1933 and won the Nobel Prize in 1921. He left Germany for the United States in 1933, where he taught at Princeton University until his death in 1955.