ISBN 9788190583213,Ideology; An Introduction

Ideology; An Introduction


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Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788190583213

ISBN-10 8190583212


Number of Pages 242 Pages
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Book Summary of Ideology; An Introduction Ideology has never been so much in evidence as a fact and so little understood as a concept as it is today. In this now classical work, originally written for both newcomes to the topics and those already familiar with the debate, Terry Eagleton unravels the many different definitions of ideology, and explores the concept's tortuous history from the Enlightenment to postmodernism. The book provides lucid interpretations of the thought of key Marxist thinkers as well as of Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Freud and the various post-structuralists. Now updated in the light of current theoretical debates, this essential text by one of our most important contemporary cirticis clarifies a notoriously confused subject. About Author : Terry Eagleton is Professor of Cultural Theory and John Rylands Fellow, Univesity of Manchester. Previous books published by Verso include Figures of Dissent, The Function of Criticism and Criticism and Ideology. Contents : Introduction to the 2007 edition Introduction What is Ideology Ideological Strategies From the Enlightenment to the Second International From Luckacs to Gramsci From Adorno to Bourdieu From Schopenhauer to Sorel Discourse and Ideology Conclusion Notes Further Reading Index