ISBN 9780719580536,Igcse Biology

Igcse Biology



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9780719580536

ISBN-10 0719580536


Number of Pages 374 Pages
Language (English)


This international edition of the widely-used textbook GCSE Biolog "provides up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the core and supplementary topics specified in the IGCSE Biology syllabus.In particular: there is additional information on topics such as clinical trials, B and T lymphocytes, infertility, performance-enhancing hormones, fluoridation of water supplies, impact of hunting and over fishing, global warming, biofuels and global travel and disease a new chapter on applied genetics draws together and expands the information on selective breeding, genetic engineering, cloning, genetic fingerprinting and the human genome project a new chapter on conservation covers extinction, conservation of species, conservation of genes, conservation of habitats, and conservation of resources a revised chapter on ecosystems includes information on adaptations and factors which affect communities a new chapter addresses the development of biological ideas and the principal contributors to these ideas, from Galen to Watson to Crick a new final chapter on observation and experiment looks at the type of questions that can be investigated scientifically and the nature of evidence and past examination questions have been updated.

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