ISBN 9780415356695,Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education


Tim Loreman


Rout Falm



Rout Falm

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780415356695

ISBN-10 0415356695


Number of Pages 286 Pages
Language (English)

Academic And Professional

One of the ongoing challenges faced by school teachers at all levels is including students with special needs in regular classrooms. This is a practical guide to working with primary and secondary students who need extra attention because of disabilities or giftedness. The authors of this accessible and invaluable book outline the principles behind educational diversity and inclusive policies by: * Discussing the range of different needs teachers can expect to encounter in an inclusive classroom * Explaining the practical issues involved in assessment, planning and implementing an inclusive curriculum * Offering strategies for managing the classroom and promoting positive social relationships. The emphasis throughout is on ensuring that students with special needs receive worthwhile educational experiences, without compromising the needs of other students in the classroom. This is a guide for classroom teachers and student teachers rather than for those teachers who have specialist training in working with students with special needs. The strategies the authors provide are well-tested and easy to implement and based on real-life classroom settings.

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