ISBN 9788182523234,India: Land of Dreams and Fantasy

India: Land of Dreams and Fantasy



Wilco Publishing House

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788182523234

ISBN-10 8182523230


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)

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India is a land of fantasy, color and intrigue. The complex culture of this magnificent 5,000-year-old civilization has long captivated the imagination. Endless variety characterizes India - where 15 recognized state languages and countless dialects are spoken in diverse regions, each unique in its traditions.

INDIA: LAND OF DREAMS AND FANTASY explores the history, religions, architecture, rural wonders, urban glories, handicrafts, rituals, colorful festivals, glorious cuisine, literature, and day-t0-day lifestyles of this ancient nation. In an insightful text by scholar Doranne Jacobson, the remarkable story of India is told, from its mysterious beginnings with the Indus Valley Civilization - in which the foundations of Hinduism and Indian culture were laid - to its lively present as the world's largest democracy. More than 300 spectacular photographs vibrantly illustrate this unique volume, the first to comprehensively capture India in both words and images. Part I of this book provides the reader with a fascinating historic and cultural foundation, presenting numerous religions - from Hinduism to Buddhism to tribal beliefs - and explaining the intricacies of the social order.

In Part II, each important region is explored in depth, for both its extraordinary beauty and cultural wealth. The Historic North boasts the famed Himalayas and Taj Mahal. Royal Rajasthan is home to the exquisitely carved white marble temples of the Jains and the wild tigers of Ranthambhor National Park. Visitors to the Vibrant West and Central Heartland can view the glorious textiles and antique woodcarvings of the Calico Museum or attempt to decipher cave paintings of Madhya Pradesh. A different set of wonders highlights the Radiant East, where the bustling metropolis of Calcutta contrasts with verdant rice fields and the tribal areas of Orissa. In the Graceful South, travelers can sample the superb cuisine - which includes inventive vegetable-and-spice combinations - and also visit Buddhist and Hindu holy places and early monuments.

Whether embarking on an actual trip or a journey of the imagination, countless delights await the traveler to India. Taking the reader on a dazzling visual journey, this volume distills and celebrates the essence of India.