ISBN 9780415801881,India's New Economic Policy

India's New Economic Policy


Waquar Ahmed






Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780415801881

ISBN-10 0415801885

Hard Back

Number of Pages 334 Pages
Language (English)

Business & management

Conventional interpretations of the New Economic Policy introduced in India in 1991 see this program of economic liberalization as transforming the Indian economy and leading to a substantial increase in the rate of India?s economic growth. But in a country like India, growth is not enough. Who benefits from the new growth regime, and can it significantly improve the conditions of livelihood for India?s 800 million people with incomes below $2.00 a day? This edited volume looks at international policy regimes and their national adoption under strategic conditions of economic crisis and coercion, and within longer-term structural changes in the power calculus of global capitalism. The contributors examine long-term growth tendencies, poverty and employment rates at the national level, regional level and local levels in India; the main growth centers; the areas and people left out; the advantages and deficiencies of the existing policy regime, and alternative economic policies for India. Bringing together the leading figures in the discussion on India?s economic policy, this volume is the authoritative critical study of India?s New Economic Policy.