ISBN 9788174367495,Indian Vegetarian Menu Planner

Indian Vegetarian Menu Planner


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Roli Books

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788174367495

ISBN-10 8174367497

Hard Back

Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)

Cooking for one

A civilization as old and diverse as that of India naturally boasts of the most astonishing array of cuisines. Depending on the climate, topography and the natural resources available, each region has developed its own style of cooking vegetables, meat and pulses. To add to the diversity, over the centuries, cooking ideas have evolved with changing lifestyles, and increased communication between indigenous populations and foreign cultures. Owing to historical and sociological factors, about one-third of the Indian population is vegetarian (not to be confused with vegans, who avoid milk and milk products). Thus a book dedicated exclusively to the different vegetarian cuisines in the subcontinent is an imperative! Offering a truly pan-Indian recipe assortment, Indian Vegetarian Menu Planner is a cookbook with a difference. The recipes have been carefully selected and are the most representative dishes from the various regions. The recipes have been classified into three categories to make it easier to plan a party or get-together: starters and snacks, main courses, and accompaniments and desserts. Being true to the multiplicity of this wonderful country, you may find a recipe from South India jostling for your attention alongside a delectable Parsi dish or one from North India giving competition to a seaside meal. So go ahead, use your own imagination and cook up an exotic meal with starters from the Malabar, main dishes from Rajasthan, and finger-licking desserts from West Bengal. And what's more? Rest easy knowing that your meal is balanced, nutritious and tasty. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you will find something that meets your requirements. Designed in a refreshingly distinctive style, this is one cookbook you will return to over and over again. Follow the given steps or experiment with the ingredients-you are sure to cook up delectable dishes to delight your family and friends!