ISBN 9781741140866,Indonesian Islam: Social Change Through Contemporary Fatawa

Indonesian Islam: Social Change Through Contemporary Fatawa


M. B. Hooker


Allen And Unwin



Allen And Unwin

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9781741140866

ISBN-10 1741140862


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)

Islamic life & practice

Islam is one of the worlds oldest and most intriguing religions, and with so much recent attention focused on Muslim groups, the importance of understanding Islam today is self-evident. How does this classic religion deal with contemporary challenges in ethics and morality in a consistent and rational way? How in the 21st century do its complex moral and legal philosophies continue to provide an alternative to secularism?

Professor M.B. Hooker looks at how modern Indonesian Islamic thinking has responded to changes in social and cultural practices in this timely book. In particular he examines how authorities have ruled on such basic issues as purity and representation of doctrine, religious obligations, status and capacity of women, Islam and medical science, and offences against religion.

Hookers research has been drawn from around 2000 fatawa - formal opinion on points of law or dogma - collected from Indonesia between 1920 and 1990. The authority of the fatwa is independent of the state and is uncontaminated by European intellectual imperialism. It thus gives us a pure response to difficult issues from within Islamic thought, and is essential to how we understand Islam at this particular place and time.

About the Author
Hooker is a Professor of Law at Australian National University, and is also an Honorary Senior Associate of the Asian Law Centre, University of Melbourne. He has over forty years experience in teaching and writing about Southeast Asia and is the author of Malaysia and the Original People, Islamic Law in Southeast Asia, An Introduction to Javanese Law, and A Concise Legal History of Southeast Asia.

Table of Contents
Introduction: Twentieth-century Islamic reform: contexts for the Indonesian fatawa
Knowing Islam: method, doctrine and representation
The individual and religious duty
Women: status and obligation
Is God still the creator? Islam and medical science
Offences against religion
Epilogue: Issues for an Indonesian Islam
Appendix: Sources
Glossary and abbreviations