ISBN 9789380637013,Influencing India

Influencing India


Sugato Hazra


Bridging Borders



Bridging Borders

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380637013

ISBN-10 9380637012


Number of Pages 240 Pages
Language (English)

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Lobbying, as the recent Indian experience has revealed, is used actively by many a corporation ? even the most venerated ones. True, all deny any wrong doing, claiming that their activities are above board and follow the Western style intellectual exercises. Style intellectual exercises. Simultaneously a belief has been fostered that Western style lobbying will bring transparency to the policy forming process in India. This is projected as being different from carrying suitcases full of money. One meets that policy-makers, advises them on the pros and cons and wins them over to their cause. Such lobbyists carry notes of different types. But is this really what happens? 'Influencing India: Lobbing in the World's largest Democracy'-takes a hard look at the issue of lobbying. The book traces the beginning of lobbying in India and compares it to the initiation of lobbying in the United States of America, its birthplace; the evolution of lobbying in India the role played by individuals and institutions in giving it a formal shape and general direction as of today. The book is a first effort to look comprehensively at the 'Indian influence peddling activity', both from the theoretical perspective as well as the actual rent-seeking occurrences, at a time when there had been much heated discussion in India's parliament on how lobbyists have intruded into the system. The aim of the book is to generate serious debate and let the people judge as to how lobbying is influencing India. About the Author Sugato Hazard is a rolling stone who has gathered no moss. In this thirty-year long experience, he has worked in India's largest bank, at a time when the country was hit by its severest balance of payment crisis, Industry chamber when the reform process had gathered steam and also in the government where the largest corporations had to come several times a day. Sugato in his working career has more than a ringside view of lobbying in India from all sides of the table. A serious student of political and business economics, Sugato has written extensively on economic issues in leading Indian newspapers and magazines. He has jointly newspapers and magazines. He has jointly authored the Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Volume of FICCI, published during the Chamber's 75th anniversary celebrations. He also planned and worked with Dr. Bidyut Chakrabarty, Head of the Department of Political science, Delhi University, on a book on Coalition Politics-Forging Power : Coalition Politics ? Forging Power : Coalition Politics in India published by Oxford University Press in 2006. Sugato has worked on policy issues representing businesses and corporate interests at different times in his working life even representing before the Standing Committee of the Indian Parliament. Currently he is working with one of India's largest Corporate Communication Advisory firm Adfactors Public Relations in its Delhi office. Table of Contents Introduction Influencing Policy Uncle Sam shows the Way Petitioning the Raj in London The Pioneer-Ghanshyam Das Birla The Aspiration of an Ordinary Indian-Dhirubhani Ambani The Indian Express-Ramnath Goenka Politicians Partnering Business Causes Members of the Parliament-Pawns of the Game Gains from Lobbying Lobbying and Bribing Trade Associations and Organised Lobbying Changing Landscape of Lobbying Lobbying for Greater Good! Index

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