ISBN 9788170494850,Intelligence Officers Handbook

Intelligence Officers Handbook




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Manas Publications

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788170494850

ISBN-10 8170494850

Hard Back

Number of Pages 271 Pages
Language (English)


Intelligence is the process by which specific and mostly secret information important to national security is sought, analysed and provided to policy-makers. Intelligence has assumed great importance in modern world-specially after the First World War and during the Second World War. In a vast and complicated country like India, internal intelligence has always been of equal importance as the related external intelligence because of its extensive borders with nations like China and Pakistan and mostly porous borders with Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar and simultaneously a vast coastline to defend against hostile elements.
Intricate aspects of intelligence tradecraft are yet to be researched and applied by the intelligence agencies. Unfortunately, India treats intelligence as a taboo area and very few books are available on the subject. The western world is much ahead as they realise that openness is the best way to maintain secrets.
This book provides the basic roles and missions required for executing the intelligence support function. It identifies key principles and considerations for planning and executing IEW force projection, analytical technique in military decision-making process, intelligence requirements, various intelligence operations, intelligence training, intelligence preparation of the battlefield products, military intelligence capabilities etc. etc.
The book is meant for intelligence officers, defence personnel, administrators and scholars who seek wider understanding of the contribution of intelligence to our national security.