ISBN 9780070702493,Intermediate Structural Analysis

Intermediate Structural Analysis



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070702493

ISBN-10 0070702497


Number of Pages 806 Pages
Language (English)

Civil Engineering

This comprehensive text on the methods of structural analysis is appropriate for intermediate courses in structural analysis offered in civil engineering departments. It presents conventional methods of structural analysis along with matrix methods, addresses computer capabilities in structural analysis, examines deformation of structures by virtual work and geometric methods, and presents force method in a way to explain indeterminacy of composite frames and horizontal grid frames. Salient Features Presents an integrated approach to hydrology, using the hydrologic system or control volume as a mechanism for analyzing hydrologic problems Includes over 410 end-of-chapter problems and 94 worked example problems in the text. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1: Force Method vs. Displacement Method Chapter 2: Deformation of Statically Determined Beams and Rigid Frames Chapter 3: Deflection of Statically Determined Trusses Chapter 4: Analysis of Statically Indeterminate by the Force Method Chapter 5: The Three-Moment Equation Chapter 6: The Slope-Deflection Method Chapter 7: The Moment-Distribution Method Chapter 8: Matrix Operations Chapter 9: Matrix Displacement Method of Truss Analysis Chapter 10: Matrix Displacement Method of Rigid Frame Analysis Chapter 11: Influence Lines and Moving Loads Chapter 12: Approximate Methods of Multistory Frame Analysis Chapter 13: The Column-Analogy Method Chapter 14: Composite Structures and Rigid Frames with Axial Deformation Chapter 15: Secondary Stresses in Trusses with Rigid Joints Chapter 16: Rigid Frames with Curved Members Chapter 17: Analysis of Horizontal Grid Frames Chapter 18: Rigid Frames with Semirigid Connections Chapter 19: Effects of Shear Deformations Chapter 20: Beams on Elastic Foundation