ISBN 9781904798910,Introduction to Functional Analysis with Applications

Introduction to Functional Analysis with Applications



Anshan Publishers

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9781904798910

ISBN-10 1904798918


Number of Pages 360 Pages
Language (English)

Medical genetics

As science and technology are increasingly refined and interrelated, the demand for mathematical concepts beyond vector algebra and differential and integral calculus has greatly increased. There are four fundamental theorems dealing with properties of functionals and operators called Hahn-Banach theorem, Banach-Steinhaus theorem, Open mapping theorem and Closed graph theorem. Notions of differentiability and integrability of operators are also studied in functional analysis. Applications of functional analysis to operator equations, boundary value problems, optimization, variational inequalities, finite element methods, optimal control and wavelets are all discussed at length, reflecting current trends in the study of functional analysis. This book introduces the above concepts in a way accessible to readers having minimum possible prerequisite of undergraduate mathematics. Contents:- Normed and Banach Spaces Inner Product and Hilbert Spaces Fundamental Theorems Weak Topologies, Weak Convergence and Reflexive Spaces Differentiation and Integration in Normed Spaces Fixed-Point Theorems and their Applications Rudiments of Spectral Theory Boundary Value Problems Optimization Variational Inequalities The Finite-Element Method Optimal Control Wavelets
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