ISBN 9780070658981,Introduction To Geographic Information Systems (With Cd)

Introduction To Geographic Information Systems (With Cd)



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780070658981

ISBN-10 0070658986


Edition 4th
Number of Pages 468 Pages
Language (English)

Environmental engineering & technology

OVERVIEW This book is designed to provide students in a first or second GIS course with a solid foundation in both GIS concepts and the use of GIS. Introduction to GIS strikes a careful balance between GIS concepts and hands-on applications. The main portion of the chapter presents GIS terms and concepts and helps students learn how each one fits into a complete GIS system. At the end of each chapter, an application section with 3-5 tasks presents students with actual GIS exercises and the necessary data to solve the problem. Salient Features The text provides data sets and instructions for the applications section in each chapter, as well as challenge tasks, written questions, and review questions for each chapter. Key terms are boldfaced where they first appear in the chapter and then summarized and defined with a glossary at the end of the chapter. The author created all the figures and tables ensuring precise correlation between the chapter material and their accompanying visuals. Emphasizes both concepts and hands-on experience in GIS. Follows a logical progression from basic to complex and specialized GIS topics. Key changes or enhancements in the 4th edition include network applications (Chapter 18), applications of geocoding (Chapter 17), and online connection to a remote database (Chapter 6). Table of content :- Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Coordinate Systems Chapter 3 Georelational Vector Data Model Chapter 4 Object-Based Vector Data Model Chapter 5 Raster Data Model Chapter 6 Data Input Chapter 7 Geometric Transformation Chapter 8 Spatial Data Editing Chapter 9 Attribute Data Input and Management Chapter 10 Data Display and Cartography Chapter 11 Data Exploration Chapter 12 Vector Data Analysis Chapter 13 Raster Data Analysis Chapter 14 Terrain Mapping and Analysis Chapter 15 Viewsheds and Watersheds Chapter 16 Spatial Interpolation Chapter 17 Geocoding and Dynamic Segmentation Chapter 18 Path Analysis and Network Applications Chapter 19 GIS Models and Modeling